The Seaside Simplicity Style

A Seaside Simplicity home lifestyle

A home by the seaside with a perfect view

Whether it’s the sea, a lake or stream, being near water drowns your troubles and quenches your thirst for life.

And while your home may be far from water, it feels fluid, fresh and free – ALL reasons why your lifestyle is Seaside Simplicity.

This style began where America was first colonized: on the coast of New England.

There, water, wind and sun dictated homes with weathered shingles, heavy shutters, pitched roofs and deep porches.

Later, this movement spread across the country as a result of modern Americans vacationing near water and their desire to bring that experience back when returning home.

Seaside Simplicity embraces any water – oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, bayous – and it has architectural and cultural interpretations across the country.

A dining room with the Seaside Simplicity lifestyle

A dining room with the Seaside Simplicity lifestyle

It’s even inspired by storybook cottages by the sea and by the beach huts of tropical islands.

Seaside Simplicity is a flexible and adaptable style; it can take the experience of living near water and create it throughout your home or in a single room.

And what is that experience? It’s oceans apart from formal, orderly and structured.

It’s fresh, airy and clean – like a sea breeze off the bay.

It’s open, bright and cheery – imagine rooms without walls; veranda, deck and patio living where the sun is your constant houseguest. Seaside Simplicity is a light, easy-going lifestyle, think Tommy Bahama.

It uses natural and unique textures to embrace living that’s casual and elegant (Shabby Chic), simple and tranquil.

A simplistic Seaside Simplicity home lifestyle design

Using natural and unique textures to embrace living

Your Seaside Simplicity home is playful and uncomplicated, featuring understated architectural details and numerous windows and glass doors.

Inside, there is wave after wave of glass tiles and sleek ceramics.

Colors take their cue from beaches and landscapes: soft pastels, citrus hues, blues, greens and whitewash tones.

In your Seaside Simplicity bathrooms, fixtures are bright white with satin nickel accents, and the tile is also white, showing glass tile accents.

Bathroom countertops are awash in light colored Corian and the vanity has the look of painted furniture.

This is the Seaside Simplicity lifestyle. Your way of living.

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