The Italian Impressions Style

Home design ideasIs your viewing stuck on the History Channel?

Is the past your passion?

Do you desire objects aged and worn, rooms of dense woods and wrought iron? Is your perfect home distinctively European?

If so, your lifestyle may be Italian Impressions Style.

It was birthed in countries on the Mediterranean Sea, such as France, Italy, and Spain. Countries where culture and custom, sun and soil, inspired charming homes and carefree lifestyles – the sweet life.

The Italian Impressions Style displays a European sense of history and natural elegance. It’s all about ancient rituals and heritage: shopping at the market, socializing in the plaza.

An Italian Impressions Style home reflects a lifestyle that’s intricate and gracious. This is a residence of detail and decoration.

Gathered treasures from the past are proudly on showcase; furniture is of durable fabric, thickly cushioned and ornate in style.

One variance of this style, European Country, displays eclectic furniture, substantial brocade details, French antiques, and tapestries.

Tuscan inspired materials, distressed furniture, and natural, old country essentials are also its characteristics. Another interpretation of the Italian Impressions Style is the Mediterranean.

old-style home designIts period windows, ornate ceilings, and woodwork, columns, and arches create rooms for elegant living and motivated entertaining.

The Italian Impressions Style has some classic “musts.” These involve tumbled travertine marble, distressed woods, and metals, and patina finishes such as copper and oil rubbed bronze.

Your home’s color palette shows golden hues, greens, chocolate browns, and wine reds.

In your Italian Impressions Style kitchen, family and friends experience oil rubbed bronze hardware and cherry cabinetry with chocolate glaze.

Natural stones like granite countertops are a part of it.

Your tile is in the tumbled travertine family featuring mosaic borders combined with decorative metal tiles.

This is the Italian Impressions Style lifestyle—your way of living.

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