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    Choosing the best kitchen design

    How the kitchen design integrates with your overall home style.

    By installing tile on the “diagonal” and by selecting lighter colors with more consistent texture will visually increase the room’s space.

    A Saxony carpet with its plush velvet appearance would be the perfect carpet style to achieve your formal look. A pattern carpet can also add additional style to a formal room.

    Yes, you can use a semi or high gloss ceramic tile on your countertop but be aware that scratches will be more visible with a semi or high gloss finish.

    Yes, 98% of the time, but to ensure there are no surprises refer to manufacturer installation specifications for required openings and cut-out sizes.

    Appliances which have been labeled and endorsed as “Energy Star” products.

    It’s all a matter of taste. Simple designs are just as aesthetically pleasing as the more elaborately detailed kitchens. Functional use by family members, maintenance of the kitchen and budget are key considerations when planning the design.

    Stainless steel is 100% non-porous and does not transmit bacteria. If located inside a dishwasher, it’s a better sound insulator than plastic.

    Although marble has a beautiful look, I would only recommend marble on a kitchen countertop if it was used in a small quantity for rolling out dough for baking. Marble is a very soft stone and will stain easily. Better applications for marble would be fireplace surrounds, walls, flooring or in bathrooms on shower/tub and vanities.

    Green Design is also referred to as sustainable design or eco-design, which conforms to environmentally sound principles of building, material and energy use.